Armor Resin Ribbon Ink Side in Bulk Package- AXR 7+

Armor AXR 7+ in stock package is made of a quality required for demanding applications and offers perfect print quality and excellent mechanical durability. The ink offers excellent print results at a blackness level of over 1.7 (ODR) for all types of barcodes, small or large alphanumerical symbols or logos. The structure of the ribbon allows printing on more kinds of different surfaces than with typical resin ribbons. The ink can be printed on various synthetics, such as PVC, PET, PE and PP) but also on coated and high gloss papers. The print result is extremely durable against wear and scratching. Another benefit is the high resistance against chemical solvents and its very good heat resistance of up to 180°C. Those characteristics also remain at speeds up to 250 mm/s (10 ips) and with 200, 300 and 600 dpi print-heads, making this ribbon perfectly versatile, suited for the packaging industry as well as for typical labelling needs.


  • Quality: resin, AXR 7+ (ARMOR)
  • Core: 25.4 mm or 12.7 mm
  • Winding: ink side in
  • Unit: in stock package with 10, 25 or 50 ribbons
  • Properties: exceptionally high scratch and smudge resistance
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Armor Resin Ribbon Ink Side in Bulk Package- AXR 7+