Zebra Barcode Printer

Check out Zebra barcode printer price in Bangladesh

Know the latest Zebra barcode printer price in Bangladesh. You can browse our wide range of selection of direct thermal, inkjet & thermal transfer which are the best types of Zebra brand printers in May 2021 with competitive price.

Why we use Zebra barcode printer?

Zebra barcode printer prints barcode which you can use for inventory, reduce shipping errors, save costs and increase client service along with Zebra barcode scanner. In financing if you own one of it, irrespective of the amount and possibility of your company, you’ll see a return on investment and open up new possibilities for your business that you never thought possible. You can use to create graphics, logos and more to strengthen your company brand.

What is a barcode label printer or sticker label printer?

Barcode label printer or sticker label printer is vital for label printing, tags and carton sticker.

What type of printing technology is best in warehouse, store, product management and hospital management?

There are various types of printing technology.

Direct Thermal

Direct thermal technology for printing issue – firstly, it generates a lot of heat for output via direct thermal. It expended to create minor numbers for plastic film, level packaging, label stock, etc. This category does not last lengthy.


An inject-able printer is used to print all categories of colored barcodes. The ink does not damage the earth in slightly method and smooth this category for canister stay used in food.

Thermal Transfer

The way of thermal transfer printer work is changed since the earlier way. Anywhere it is to be completed, heat is provided directly since the printer head. As an effect of heating, the wax or resin in the label or ribbon fluxes and is printed on the paper. This kind of printing is actual solid which container resist infrared emissions, compounds and dangerous cold and heat.

How many sizes in barcode label?

Various sizes of Zebra barcode label can be printed. If the printer is little, it can print up to a maximum of 4 inches, and if it is large, can print larger than normal width barcode label.

Which is the best barcode resolution for longevity better?

The resolution of the barcode printer is a significant feature. The advanced the resolution of printing, the happier the barcode. Usually used 203 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi resolution. In addition, 2D and 3D resolutions of the graphics can be used condition more illumination is essential.