Designed to keep critical operations running smoothly, Zebra’s high-performance industrial printing systems stand the test of time, both physically and technologically.  Zebra’s new ZT610 and ZT620 advance the legacy of their industry leading Xi Series predecessors, offering next-generation operational visibility, control and adaptability to meet evolving needs—all with the rugged durability and 24/7 reliability you expect from Zebra.


Key Value Propositions:

  • Outstanding high resolution printing for tiny labels – the ZT610 provides 600 dpi resolution that can print tiny labels as small as 3mm like component labels or compliance labels.
  • Tough and durable design reduces downtime, enabling you to print even in the harshest of environments.
  • Easy to maintain – simple printhead and platen removal, field upgradeable cutter, field installable communication options.
  • Smart future-grade capabilities that’s easily upgradeable.
  • Link-OS gives you real-time visibility and control of printing systems, with cloud-accessible applications that make it simple to set-up, maintain and troubleshoot your machine.
  • Colour graphic display for better user experience.
  • Advanced diagnostic tools with comprehensive range of managed services offerings.
  • RFID ready – adaptive encoding array, field installable.


ZT600 Series Industrial Printer Ideal for These Applications:


  • Work-in-process
  • Product ID / serial numbers
  • Package labeling
  • Receiving / put-away labeling


Transportation and Logistics

  • Order picking / packing
  • Shipping / receiving
  • Cross docking
  • Compliance labeling



  • Distribution centers
  • Back-of-store operations



  • Laboratory labeling
  • Blood bank labeling
  • Asset tracking
  • Pharmacy labeling


Product Details

The ZT610 and ZT620 provides 24/7 reliability and best-in-class high-resolution printing for small labels.  An advanced, user-friendly design and Link-OS® environment simplify everything from setup and management to troubleshooting.  Users will also gain greater operational visibility with remote access and management, plus future-ready adaptability to meet business needs today, tomorrow and for years to come.